About us


We are a family that lives in the intact nature of the beautiful prealp world. The Julian alps are just a toss away. The environment that
we live in is full of wildlife with which we are in constant contact. So it was love that led us to the decision to breed cats. They are
lifetime companions, as in the old days there wasn’t a farm that didn’t have these beautiful animals.
We were especially attracted by the british shorthair cat. They really cannot be despised as they are something special. They are so full of loyalty, gentleness, attention and love that everyone adores them. Our cattery is small. We don’t want massive production, therefore the cattery is more of a family hobby. The cats are carefully chosen from good and geneticly healthy breeds. The cats parents are successful on shows, we carefully plan every breed so that we and future owners can be proud of the kittens. Also, we are carefull choosing new owners as we wish only the best for our kittens. Our cats don’t know cages. They are free to move around the house and many times they take places that are ours, inspite their many beds. When we sit on the couch in the evening they are always close to us, and when we are not at home they sit on a window ledge and wait for us to return. When we arrive they await us at the door and welcome us with their special meowing. Such moments really touch your hear. Not only do the cats mean everything to us, we mean everything to them. The cattery in registered in the Federation Internationale Feline (FIFE). We are also members of the Felinolosko drustvo Ljubljana (FDL), which operates accordingly to the FIFE rules.

All of our cats are healthy and tested, PKD, FELV and FIV tests are negative. They are also under constant vet control. They are fed only with the
finest food, and that is perfectly expressed through their looks. They are also very socialised, a result of our love to them.

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